Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations in the world. It is the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries just like its neighbor, the United States of America.

Canadian culture has been defined largely through the influence of British, French, and Indigenous cultures and traditions. The language, art, music, and food of these people have helped to shape the Canadian identity. In the last century, more so the last decades, Canadians with African, Caribbean, and Asian nationalities have added to this identity.

However, one of the most obvious differences between Canada and the United States is that, while American immigrants were encouraged to evolve a distinct American culture different from where they migrated from, their Canadian counterparts were encouraged to preserve their own native cultures.

Canada’s cultural strength is dependent on its broad range of constituent nationalities and policies that promote the idea of unity in diversity. The country strongly emphasizes quality and inclusiveness that borders on multiculturalism.

In Canada, cultural identity is strong, and there is a French-Canadian culture that is distinct from English Canadian culture. For instance, the French-speaking population of Québec celebrates its national holiday, St Jean Baptiste Day, with just as much fervor as Canada Day. The Inuit population has also kept its culture more intact because of its geographic isolation and weather.

French-speaking Canadians are proud of their long-standing ability to preserve their unique culture and language. They do so despite being surrounded by English speakers in both the United States and Canada.

This multicultural nature of Canada has made it a beehive of cultural events and activities all year round. Québec City’s Winter Carnival and Ottawa’s Winterlude take place during the frigid winters.

In summer, the streets are busy with the Calgary Stampede, the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Also, Vancouver and Victoria’s Chinese communities host their dragon boat festivals each summer.

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