This page lists a few resources and suggestions where readers can learn more about different cultures.

Destination Indigenous

This website takes you on an authentic journey into the First Nations storied heritage and rich culture. There is deep wisdom and knowledge passed down from generation to generation through stories, legends, songs, and dances.

The Workers’ Festival: A History of Labor Day in Canada

By Craig Heron and Steve Penfold

In this book, the authors examine the complicated history of Labor Day. From its origins as a spectacle of skilled workers in the 1880s through its declaration as a national statutory holiday in 1894 to its reinvention through the twentieth century.

Destination Toronto

If you want to discover the breadth and diversity of Toronto’s people, places, and culture, then this website is your guide. It has the mandate to inspire residents and visitors to meet, visit, and explore Toronto.

Canadian Festivals

By Susan Hughes

This book introduces children to six holidays from various cultures. It discusses why and how each festival is celebrated. If you are looking for a book that provides your child with a closer look at the important festivities that makes Canada so diverse, then this is it.

Culture Days

This website is dedicated to celebrating Canada’s arts and culture on Culture Days. This website has blogs where a few of the thousands of free participatory arts and culture events across the country are showcased online.

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